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How to Choose the Right Grass for Your Lawn

by Glen Stanley 11/29/2020

The Southern region is a beautiful land of fun, relaxation, a lot of sunshine and beautiful lawns. Grasses differ from one another by growing capacity and various abilities to adapt to their surroundings. The type of soil plays a vital role, as well, since some grasses do well in particular soils while others may fall short. 

To start and maintain a lush green lawn, here are a few things to consider:

Grass Types

Certain types of grasses grow better in the Southern region; these include:

Bermuda: A creeping grass that is encouraged more on sports fields. It has a high tolerance for drought and is weed resistant.

Centipede: This type of grass does better when exposed to sunlight and can tolerate very acidic soil. It has a rough texture and grows low.

St. Augustine: One of Florida’s favorites, St. Augustine grass supports many soil types. It reproduces quickly and has a coarse texture.

Zoysia: Zoysia is a beautiful plant that has a lush look. It requires higher maintenance compared to other grass types, but it’s commonly known for its aesthetics.


In order to make certain you get the best from your grasses, it's essential to plant at the right time. The best time for planting a new lawn is during the spring or fall due to summer's harsh temperatures and lower rainfall, which may dehydrate and wilt your grass before it has the opportunity to take root. Planting your turf during the spring or fall enables it to get enough nutrients and water to be healthy and capable of handling unfavorable weather in the following season.

Soil, Sun and Shade Condition

Your soil type is essential in determining how your grasses will develop. Performing a soil test before you decide to sew seeds or lay the turf will help you learn what kind of grasses will be suitable for your lawn. For example, St. Augustine grass does better in sandy soil since it doesn't require a soil that retains water. Also consider how exposed to the sun your lawn is. Some grasses do better when exposed to direct sunlight, others grow better when placed under a shade.


To keep your lawn looking green and attractive, you need to take good care of your yard. Maintaining your lawn either requires your time, if you prefer to tackle it yourself, or your funds, if you decide to hire a lawn care specialist. Either way, the amount of time and money you need to put into keeping your lawn neat and attractive is dependent to the type of grass you decide to use.


How much traffic does your lawn experience? Do you have kids or pets? Do you entertain visitors often? Some grass types handle foot traffic better than others. Before making a choice as to which grass is more suitable for you, remember that grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia can endure more traffic than others. 

A professional landscaper can help you choose and plant the best grass for your lawn to give you a beautiful, green yard all year long. Some grasses are more preferred by buyers, so ask your Realtor® for recommendations if you plan to sod before you sell.

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