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Hacks for home to make daily tasks easier

by Glen Stanley 09/10/2023

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Home can be a relaxing place, but sometimes managing the space can be a job all on its own. Utilizing essential hacks for home can make your everyday life easier. 

Shoe organizer for cleaning supplies

It’s easy to just throw cleaning supplies under a random cabinet. However, when it’s time to use them, it may be hard to find the one you need. Try using a shoe organizer for your cleaning storage system. 

You can use this organizer to store laundry supplies, toilet paper rolls, bathroom cleaning products and more. Tasks such as washing dishes or cleaning the mirrors become a little quicker when you can find the correct supplies right away.

PVC bike rack

This hack is great for those with many bikes to store. PVC bike racks can hold multiple bikes in an organized way, which keeps them from junking up the area. You’ll need t-connectors, a PCV pole, and connectors for insertion. Once the device is connected, bikes can be placed side-by-side in order. 

To add some spunk to your bike organization, use spray paint to match the decor of the space. 

Bookshelf storage bench

Enjoy relaxing with a good book? Then you may be fond of putting together a bookshelf storage bench. This crafty multipurpose item combines seating and storage in one furniture piece for easy access to your favorite books. Premade sets can be found at many local home good supply stores. 

Old entertainment center desk

Do you have an old entertainment center in need of repurposing? Consider transforming your old entertainment center into a work storage space. The shelves built into the piece can provide excellent storage for your office supplies in a uniform and easy to identify way.

Whether you’re placing an organizer in your cabinet door or installing a cool DIY bike rack, home hacks can save time on your everyday tasks. 

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